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Maintenance and Capital Dredging and Disposal of Dredged Material at Haifa and Ashdod Ports
Tender number :  15/5075/02/14 
Last submission date :  08/05/2014 12:00 
Publish date :  27/03/2014 02:00 
Tender type :  Development and Construction

1. General:

1.1. The Works consist of maintenance and capital dredging works, inter alia, in the Ports of Haifa and Ashdod, down to the design depths and below them, in the areas
depicted in the drawings including Israeli Navy areas in Haifa and Ashdod as well as Kishon Port, adjacent to Haifa Port and disposal of dredged materials. 

1.2. The following optional works may also be included:
a. Optional Sand by passing by dredging areas south to Ashdod.
b. Optional Sand by passing by dredging areas north to Haifa.
Above areas as indicated on the drawings or as instructed by the Engineer from time to time, in writing.

1.3. The Agreement with the awarded bidder shall be a framework agreement for the performance of the works in accordance with specific tasks that will be issued by the
IPC. The estimated date for issuance of the first task is the second or third quarter of 2015.

1.4. The dredged materials shall be classified as contaminated and non-contaminated according to the regulations and instructions issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) and/or IPC, and shall be disposed at designated dumping sites, as fully specified in the Tender Documents.

1.5. All permits, licenses and authorizations required for the execution of the works (except for Dumping Permit which will be obtained by IPC) shall be obtained by the Contractor, at its responsibility and expense.
For the sake of clarity, the information detailed herein is general and subject to the provisions of the Tender Documents.

2. Contract Term: the Contract term shall be three (3) years that may be extended for 2 additional periods of 1 year each, as further specified in the Tender Documents.

3. Threshold Requirements:

Only Bidders who fully comply with the Threshold Requirements specified below shall be entitled to participate in the Tender and submit their proposals to the Tender.

3.1. Bidder who is duly incorporated and validly existing under the laws of the jurisdiction of its incorporation.

3.2. A Bidder who owns at least two (2) Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers ("TSHD"), whereby each vessel has at least the technical characteristics that are specified in the Tender Documents.

3.3. A Bidder who has carried out from the year 2010 through the year 2013, dredging and disposal and/or reclamation works by means of a any dredger totaling at least 1,000,000 cu.m., out of which at least 400,000 cu.m. have been dredged during one (1) year alone.

3.4. A Bidder whose average turnover for any three (3) years between the years 2009 to 2013 was at least Euro 4.5 million, and for each year of these 3 years not less than Euro 3 million.  

3.5. A Bidder that is an entity incorporated or resident of the State of Israel must also demonstrate that it has all necessary approvals pursuant to the Public Entities Transactions Law, 1976, all valid on Submission Date.
 In the event that a foreign entity will be awarded the Tender, such Awarded Bidder shall be required, as a precondition for the signing of the Contract, to establish a local Israeli company or to register as a Foreign Company ("חברת חוץ") according to section 346 of the Companies Law, 5759-1999. The payments according to the Contract will
be made to the Israeli company established by the Awarded Bidder or to the Foreign Company that was registered in Israel, which will be required to present all certificates, approvals and affidavits required pursuant to the Public Entities Transactions Law, 5736 -1976.  

3.6. Bidders are required to submit with their Proposal an unconditional Bid Bond in the amount of Euro 100,000 (one hundred thousand Euros) or NIS 480,000 (four hundred and eighty thousand New Israeli Shekels) in accordance with the terms and conditions specified in the Tender Documents.

The Bid Bond shall be valid until 8/11/2014, and may be extended for additional period or periods up to a total of 6 months.

4. Industrial Cooperation
If the Awarded Bidder is a "foreign supplier" (ספק חוץ""), as such term is defined under the Mandatory Tender Regulations (Mandatory Industrial Cooperation), 5767-2008 (the "Industrial Cooperation Regulations"), such Bidder shall be bound by the provisions of the Industrial Cooperation Regulation and shall be obligated to enter into an Industrial Cooperation Agreement ("ICA") with the State of Israel for the fulfillment of the Industrial Cooperation Undertaking, in accordance with the Industrial Cooperation Regulations,
and as specified in the Tender Documents.

5. The Tender Documents: Any person wishing to obtain a copy of the Tender Documents, may do so at the offices of the IPC, 74 Menachem Begin Road, Tel Aviv, Israel, Room 1003 (tenth floor),  after coordination with Mr. Hillel Book, Tel: +972-3-5657091, e-mail:  or through, according to the following instructions:

5.1. Bidders shall send an e-mail to and request to receive bid information.

5.2. Bidders will receive a file and will be requested to complete a form and provide details of Bidder and shall e-mail the form back to .   

5.3. Bidders shall receive an e-mail including User ID, Password and user guide flowchart attachment which explains the process of entering and accessing the Tender Documents.

6. Bid Submission Date: Proposals shall be submitted by no later than 8/5/2014 at 12:00 Noon to the designated tenders box located in the offices of IPC, located at
74 Menachem Begin Road, Tel Aviv, Israel, in room 1010, on the 10th floor, during business hours (Sunday through Thursday between the hours: 9:00 – 12:00).

7. The competitive process shall be based on the evaluation of the price proposals of such Bidders who fully complied with all Threshold Requirements and all terms and conditions of the Tender Documents. The Tender process is fully described in the Tender Documents. IPC reserves its right to change and/or modify the Threshold Requirements as well as set additional conditions, to solicit re-bids and best and final offers, all as set forth in the Tender documents or to cancel the Tender altogether, at its sole discretion subject to applicable law, all as set forth in the Tender Documents.

8. Any questions and/or inquiries should be addressed to Mr. Hillel Book Tel: +972-3-5657091 Fax: 972-3-5622173 E-mail:   Those making inquiries by fax should request verification of the receipt of any such inquiries.

9. This advertisement contains general information only and does not contain all of the terms of the Tender. The complete and binding conditions and requirements with respect to the Tender are as detailed in the Tender Documents. Thus, in the event of any discrepancy between this advertisement and the Tender Documents, that which
is stated in the Tender Documents shall prevail.

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