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דלג על קישורי ניווט
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"Shavit" Marina

SHAVIT Marina and Fisherman Wharf is one of the oldest most beautiful and safest Marina in Israel,
with a capacity of 370 boats in water depth
of 4m.
The Marina is located at the Kishon River estuary, in Haifa's main Harbor and it is owned by Israel Ports Company.
Haifa is the major northern city of Israel, it is a 30 minute drive from Nazareth, 50 minute from the sea of Galilee and the Jordan River, and from Jordan's border ) Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan).

SHAVIT  Marina is a port-of-entry to Israel, and the Passport control is available 24x7.

The available facilities include : electricity, water, cathodic protection,  toilets &showers
and free Wi-Fi Internet throughout the Marina.


Potographers : Warhaftig- Venezian
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